Fancy Folding

We follow the fabric exhibitions and home textile trade fairs and fashion shows in the World.We create our yarn collection and R&D works according to the information we receive from the fairs and shows.Our company culture behaviour is to be fast, flexible and quality-oriented

Our company, which makes regular machinery investments every year, with the our Fancy Yarn Machinery and Folding/Doubling Machinery we can work every kind of yarns such as Cotton, Viscose, PES, Flush, Wool, Linen, Cut Fiber, Tencel, Modal, Nylon and Polyviscone. Also we can produce Fancy Effect and overfeeding Yarns such as Buclet, Slub, Noppe, Frise.

The Fancy Yarns portfolio mainly includes varieties such as;S-Z Twist Embrodiery Yarns, Muline Yarns,Yarns with Knob, Slub, Gimp, Buclet, Frise, Snarl, Noppe and Loop Effects.Burn-Out Yarns,MX Folded Yarns, Slub Folding Yarns,Yarns with Lurex Glitter,Nylon and Polyester Monoflaman Folded Yarns

Produced yarns are mostly used in the production of Knitted,Tricot(Knitwear), Embrodiery, Woven and Jacquard fabrics. Generally we give service to Home textile such as Curtain, Drapery, Upholstery,Embrodiery, Velvet, Towel fabric producers and Carpet makers.Also we produce yarns suitable for Clothing İndustry such as Menswear, Womenswear, Knitted Fabrics, Tricot (Knitwear), Hosiery, Raschel Knit, Scarf, Lace, Braid, Embrodiery fabrics.