Production Capability

With the European Ratti and RPR two-for-one twisting machinery and fancy yarn machinery, We make production of twisted and fancy yarns for the home textile and clothing industry.We continue to be fast, flexible and sustainable quality-oriented with a twist capacity of more than 1000 tons per year and fancy yarn capacity more than 800 tons per year.

Produced yarns are mostly used in the production of knitted,tricot(knitwear),embrodiery,woven and jacquard fabrics.Generally we give service to Home textile such as curtain,drapery,upholstery,towel,embrodiery,velvet fabric producers and carpet makers.Also we produce yarns suitable for Clothing İndustry such as Menswear, Womenswear, Knitted Fabrics, Tricot (Knitwear), Hosiery, Scarf, Raschel Knit, Lace, Braid, Embrodiery fabrics. 

İn the Twisting Production we can twist yarns From 20 denier to 600 denier, from 120 tpm (twist per minute) to 2800 tpm (twist per minute).

With the ISO certification studies that started in 2018 for the continuity and development of the quality standards, the production capability gained a significant momentum. We behave like R&D center in the process of responding quickly to new sample demands.

  • Production Capability
  • Capacity: 1000 Tons Twisted Yarn Yearly.800 Tons Fancy Yarn Yearly.
  • Denier: 20-600
  • TPM: 120-2800

Twisted Rayon Yarn Production

All rayon on our list can be requested in bright dull and matte. It can be requested as Centrifugal and Continue. 1. Quality Egret brand is Chinese flush.

Twisted Polyester Yarn Production

Polyesters are 1st quality or Indorama or Century brand. All kinds of special Denye and Turlerda yarn can work your demands. Textured yarns are also available as bright if desired.

Fancy Folding

Our company with 500 tons per year fancy yarn production in the production of men and women fabric manufacturers, home textile, trim, curtain, velvet and embroidery fabric manufacturers are serving.

Our Different Approaches

Solution Orientation

To add value to our customers and to offer new approaches by considering the production sensitivity.

Continuous Development

Following the dynamics of the sector closely and responding quickly to new sample demands with R&D studies.

Authentic Production

Producing special production solutions for our customers by considering all processes in fabric production with the eyes of the manufacturer.